Commercial Concrete Paving

While concrete pavements are best known as the riding surface for interstate highways, concrete is a durable, economical, and sustainable solution for state highways, rural roadways, residential and city streets, intersections, airstrips, intermodal facilities, military bases, parking lots, and more. Regardless of the type of roadway or current pavement conditions, there is a concrete solution. It can be used for new pavements, reconstruction, resurfacing, restoration or rehabilitation. Concrete pavements generally provide the longest life, least maintenance, and lowest life-cycle cost of all alternatives.

Modern Concrete Paving

Modern concrete pavements are constructed with a system of joints that controls cracking and may provide for a specific aesthetic effect. Some of these pavements included steel at the joints to provide load transfer, keeping the pavement very smooth and quiet over its life.

Professional Foundation Construction

At Wheeler Services we are professionals at excavating, forming, preparing, and pouring shallow or deep foundations end slabs that follow the recommendations set by the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Education is the most important piece of our culture to be a CONCRETE PROFESSIONAL. Wheelers are always proud to share our knowledge and to educate our customers. We really want them to make inform decisions based on facts. If you are interested in FREE concrete learning opportunities, start by visiting the ACI’s online education portal.