Wheeler Services, Inc. has a moral and business obligation to provide a safe work environment for its employees, subcontractors and the public. It is, therefore, the Company’s policy to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and to initiate and maintain appropriate practices that promote safety in the work environment. All management and supervisory personnel are charged with the responsibility for planning safety into each work task and for preventing the occurrence of incidents and/or controlling conditions / actions that could lead to occupational injuries or illness. The ultimate success of a safety program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee. Management at the Company assumes the responsibility and is prepared to take the necessary actions to see that safety rules and practices are enforced. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate accidents from our operations.


Wheeler Services, Inc. strives to achieve quality of workmanship through utilization of quality materials and tools along with skilled workers who are trained and experienced in the necessary crafts, familiar with specific industry methods and practices for proper performance that meets or exceeds generally accepted installation practices for the required work. Processes are in place to address any instances where material or items are identified as non-conforming. Our vendor/supplier selection is thorough; an extensive prequalification is performed including financial, facility, process review, quality processes and measurement systems. Quality is our priority for everyone along the procurement, project management, and field management teams. Our goal is to deliver certainty throughout our processes. Wheeler Services, Inc. site teams are experienced veterans in the concrete industry. They have successfully installed many large and complex projects in the southeast. The site project teams are staffed to provide the best opportunity for project success. Our Project Managers are seasoned professionals who manage the project schedule, project activities and customer relationships to assure a quality job from start to finish.


At Wheeler Services, Inc., we strive to create opportunity for our people, clients and communities while preserving resources. We believe that sustainability is a sensitive balance between commercial success and a responsibility to society and the environment. We applaud every owner’s decision to create a sustainable facility. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings are to provide extensive cost savings over their lifetime, increase worker productivity and building marketability. If that wasn’t enough, these facilities serve as an example of the owner’s dedication to the preservation of the environment. As contractors who change the environment every day, we are charged with doing so in a responsible manner and ensuring sustainable legacy for your building.


Wheeler Services, Inc. maintains the highest standards of risk management and ability to bond the work we perform. As a Commercial Concrete company with over four decades in the business, you can feel confident that we will offer your project the highest stability and security. Our team has meticulously selected insurance policies that meet all contractual requirements, bonding capabilities for any project size, as well as a combination of cash in hand and credit lines that allow us to deliver any project needs.