Commercial Concrete stairs + Staircases

Stairs are a key feature of any multi-level structure, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Not only is the design of the staircase important, but also the materials selected for construction. Concrete staircases are popular for outdoor use but can also be used as the base of stairs in commercial and residential buildings that are then covered with other materials. Concrete is usually used for more basic types of stairs, such as straight stairs or L-shaped stairs.

Concrete Staircases

Concrete steps’ tolerances are given by the American Concrete Institute ACI 117, “Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials.” The local building codes may have a different set of provisions. It is customary to provide the minimum for risers be 4 inches and the maximum 7 inches, while the minimum for treads be 11 inches and the maximum 14 inches. It also provided that “There shall be no variation exceeding 3/16 inch in the depth of adjacent treads or in the height of adjacent risers, and the tolerance between the largest and smallest riser shall not exceed 3/8 inch in any flight.”

At Wheeler Services we are professionals at forming, preparing, pouring, finishing, and curing of staircases that follow the recommendations set by the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

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