Residential Lawn Care2Wheeler Services, Inc specializes in Residential Lawn Care and Maintenance and can handle any project. No job too big—no job too small.

As one of the Atlanta area’s leading providers of residential lawn care & maintenance, Wheeler Services is ready to take great care of your property—and great care of you! We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction.

We offer a variety of turnkey weekly lawn care and lawn maintenance services.

About Wheeler Services, Inc

Founded in 1981 Wheeler Services Inc. has become the leading commercial concrete, commercial landscaping, and residential landscaping company that is committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. We’ll partner up with you to provide you with a lifetime of excellent services.

Full Insured, Fully Licensed

Wheeler Services, Inc is fully licensed and insured in the areas we work in. As a Commercial Concrete Company with over three decades in the business, you can feel confident that we offer your project the highest stability and security. We are fully Committed To Your Satisfaction.
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Safety is our #1 Priority

For your safety, and the safety of our staff members, Wheeler Services maintains an industry leading safety training program and safety record. All of our workers are fully trained on site specific safety, which helps us reduce accidents, reduce costs and ensure a safe jobsite.
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